ADVANCED Technology

Our fine-tuned laser technology and massive simulation screens take you right to the shooting range.

Games for Everyone

Our virtual shooting range features a variety of games, designed to suit players of every style and skill level.

Affordable Rates

Our shooting range is priced at an hourly rate. Whether you come alone or bring your friends, your rate doesn’t go up!

Take a Shot at Our Virtual Shooting Ranges in Rutland, VT

Stonehedge Indoor Golf has made history by offering Vermont’s first-ever indoor virtual shooting range! We have partnered with Laser Shot, the world’s leading creator of virtual shooting ranges, to make this possible.
Realistic and High-Tech Virtual Shooting Range in Vermont

Realistic and High-Tech Virtual Shooting Range in Vermont

Our virtual shooting ranges feature realistic firearm replicas that are created to perfectly mimic the size, shape, and weight of their real-life counterparts to produce a completely immersive experience. Our fine-tuned laser technology and massive simulation screens take you right to the shooting range. Our partnership with Laser Shot allows us to create adaptable shooting games that can adjust to skill level and player needs. Contact us to learn more about our historic virtual shooting range.
Vermont Shooting Range

Everyone Can Play at Our Virtual Shooting Range

Some people may feel intimidated by the idea of a virtual shooting range, but our range is designed to suit players of every style and skill level. Whether you’re someone looking for something fun to do over the weekend, a gun enthusiast interested in honing your skills, or even law enforcement personnel looking for a more cost-effective means of training, you’ll be blown away by how our virtual range adapts to you. Even if you don’t like guns at all, we have games for you!
Features a Variety of Games

Featuring a Variety of Games

Our one-of-a-kind virtual indoor shooting range features games for all tastes and sensibilities.
  • Amusement-Based Shooting Galleries: These arcade-like games are perfect for gun enthusiasts and casual gamers alike.
  • Game Hunting: Try your hand at hunting white-tailed deer, wild boar, ducks, and more.
  • Practical Shooting Drills: Assess yourself in one of 20 shooting mazes that test your decision-making skills. Shoot, or don’t shoot? You decide.
  • Steel Challenge Competitions: Take your shot at the eight courses and target layouts from the Steel Challenge competitions held worldwide.
  • Skills Drills: Can you think and act fast? Challenge yourself in a variety of timed and/or scored drills that will help you improve reaction times, target recognition, and moving target mechanics.
Vermont Pub Food

Take a Break at Mulligan’s Bar & Grill

While your friends take a turn at shooting ducks, get your hands on our famous chicken wings at Mulligan’s Bar & Grill. Our bar stocks your favorite beers, wines, and non-alcoholic beverages, and our grill has a menu with lots to choose from.
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Frequently Asked Questions

We get asked a lot of questions about our indoor shooting range, so we've compiled this list for you. Look below to find the answers to our most common questions or call us at (802) 779-9595 with additional questions.

What is a virtual shooting range?

Stonehedge’s virtual shooting range is where technology and entertainment meet the exceptional food and beverage selections we have been offering through our aptly named bar & grill, Mulligan’s. This new and distinctive form of entertainment is suitable for anyone looking for something different to do, first-time shooters and experienced gun enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for an exhilarating evening out with friends, an unforgettable date night, a different twist on girls’ (or guys’) night out, or for memorable corporate events, our virtual shooting ranges provide a safe, entertaining, and unique recreational experience.

How does the technology work?

Stonehedge has partnered with the leading provider of shooting simulators for recreational, law enforcement, and military use worldwide – Laser Shot. Their products offer a competitive, challenging, and social shooting experience that is unlike anything else on the market. Using replica firearms, advanced laser technology, and our existing 18’ screens, our shooting simulators provide a safe, unintimidating experience – whether you’re looking to just have some fun or to improve your real-world shooting skills.

Are these real guns?

ABSOLUTELY NOT. Laser Shot guns are replica firearms cast into the size, shape, and weight of actual firearms, but cannot be used to shoot live ammunition or converted into live firearms. Our replica firearms don’t fire actual projectiles – they emit a small, imperceptible laser and work in combination with a hit-detection camera to capture and produce extremely accurate shot results. Our replica firearms give you a realistic and accurate shooting experience without the danger of a real weapon.

How do I hold and operate a replica firearm?

Stonehedge staff is trained in the proper procedures and operation of the replica firearms. During your initial visit, you will be instructed on how to safely use them as well. Indoor attendants are available and can assist you or address questions at any time.

Does Stonehedge impose age-restrictions for using the shooting simulators?

Yes. Due to the nature of our content and the weight of the guns themselves, children 10 and younger are NOT permitted in the shooting simulators at any time. Anyone between the ages of 11 and 17 may use the shooting simulator equipment when they satisfy the following requirements:

  1. We must have their parental approval on file.
  2. The child must complete a brief, 5-minute gun safety briefing.
  3. They are accompanied by an adult over the age of 18.

What about safety?

Customer safety is one of our top priorities! Even though our replica firearms are inherently safe and do not fire live ammunition, we will implement safety measures comparable to those used by our indoor golfing customers and demand absolute compliance with all standard gun safety rules. Customers failing to comply with the following gun safety rules will be asked to leave the indoor center:

  1. Always treat our replica firearms as if they were real, loaded guns.
  2. Never point the muzzle of our replica firearms at anyone or anything other than the screen. Pointing a replica firearm at someone is STRICTLY prohibited and will be asked to leave the indoor center.
  3. Keep your finger off the trigger and away from the trigger guard until you are ready to fire at the target on the screen.
  4. When not in use, replica firearms should be placed back in their case and NOT on the wooden bar table or wooden computer cabinet.
  5. All replica firearms MUST remain in the assigned shooting simulator at all times and be transported in a closed case when outside the simulator bay.
  6. Parents and authorized adults are responsible for making sure that children in their shooting simulator between the ages of 11-17 comply with these procedures.

How are games scored?

Each game has its own, unique scoring system – some are based on points, some are based on time and some use a blended total that includes points, hits, misses, etc. At the end of each game, an on-screen scoreboard will provide results for each individual shooter. Many of the games also compile local and online scoreboards, allowing customers to compete against simulators at Stonehedge and other Laser Shot customers worldwide!

Can I make a reservation?

While we happily accept walk-ins, we suggest that customers always book reservations in advance to ensure availability. You can check our real-time availability and book reservations online or by calling us at (802) 779-9595.

Does Stonehedge offer shooting leagues?

We are planning to host shooting leagues and special events when possible. If you would like us to host a private league, email us at Follow us on Facebook for additional league updates.

Are personal firearms/weapons allowed inside Stonehedge?

NO. To maintain the maximum amount of safety for our guests, personal firearms are NOT allowed inside Stonehedge. With the equipment we’re using inside our venue, we never want to take a chance of someone mistakenly confusing a real firearm for one of our replica firearms.

What types of shooting games do your offer?

In short, a BUNCH!!! Here’s a list of the virtual shooting games available:

  • Themed, amusement-based Shooting Galleries
  • Game Hunting – White-Tail Deer, Wild Boar, Ducks, Squirrels and, our personal favorite, Prairie Dogs
  • Steel Challenge Competitions – yes, course and target layouts that mirror the Steel Challenge competitions held worldwide.
  • Practical Shooting Drills – a series of shooting courses/mazes that test decision-making and present shoot/don’t-shoot simulations to competitors
  • Skills Drills – a variety of shooting competitions geared towards improving reaction times, target recognition, and moving target mechanics

Check out our range menu for details on our many virtual shooting options.

Will experienced gun enthusiasts and shooters enjoy a virtual shooting range?

Absolutely! Laser Shot endorses some of the top marksmen and markswomen in the United States and uses their subject matter experience and input when designing and enhancing their virtual shooting applications. All the previously mentioned games can be configured and tailored to meet the needs of individual customers. Shooters of all experience levels will find our virtual shooting experience challenging, competitive, safe, and much quieter than a live-fire range.

Still not convinced? Here are some additional “virtual advantages” worth considering:

  1. Ammunition is expensive! At Stonehedge, you’re not charged by the shot – you rent the simulator by the hour and can shoot an unlimited number of shots during your visit.
  2. Shooting at paper targets gets a little old and boring. At Stonehedge, we have a variety of games and shooting scenarios – moving targets, accuracy drills, skills drills, wild game hunting, and best of all we keep score so you can compete against your friends or track your improvement.
  3. Shooting at Stonehedge is a social experience. In between shooting, kick back, order some food, and enjoy your favorite adult beverage while hanging with your friends. And leave your ear protection at home — while the games produce a small amount of audio feedback, you can still carry on a conversation with other guests sitting at your table while someone is shooting.

Is the Stonehedge virtual shooting range a good place for parties or events?

Stonehedge Indoor Golf is happy to serve as your single-venue resource and manage all the arrangements associated with your event, from a small group of 8-10 friends to a full-building rental with 100+ guests. Our event planning services are designed to eliminate frustration and allow you to enjoy yourself as much as your fellow guests. Refer to our events page for additional details.

Contact us to get your questions answered or book a reservation by calling us today at (802) 779-9595.

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By working with Laser Shot, we’re able to bring to you virtual shooting ranges that are ultra-immersive and as accurate as a virtual environment could be. Experience Vermont’s first indoor virtual shooting range at Stonehedge Indoor Golf right here in Rutland.
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