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HIO Jackpot Rules

EXCITING changes are in store at Stonehedge Indoor this winter!!!

Our golf vendor has released a new 33-yard “flop shot” hole with a small twist – there’s a 12-foot brick wall at the end of the tee box!!! Stonehedge Indoor will be turning this hole into a new and profitable (for someone…) contest this winter.

The concept is pretty simple… For a $5 entry fee you get ONE SHOT or for a $20 entry fee you get FIVE SHOTS at the 33-yard hole! If you get a hole-in-one (HIO), you take the entire PROGRESSIVE JACKPOT we’ve collected to that point! If you miss the shot, your entry fee is added to the progressive jackpot total, but there’s NO LIMIT on the number of times you can take shots at the jackpot!

If the jackpot is less than $100, Stonehedge will guarantee a payout of $100. And once an HIO is hit, we reset the jackpot back to $100 and do it all over again!

Here’s the key to this contest… It is OPEN TO ANYONE that wants to come in and give it a shot! With over 10,000 rounds of indoor golf played at Stonehedge Indoor last year, we’re hoping this contest generates serious BUZZ and some very LARGE JACKPOT amounts for our customers.

And there’s an added advantage when you’re a member of a Stonehedge Indoor golf league! League members will NOT BE CHARGED for simulator time while competing in the HIO contest. If you want to take a shot at the HIO jackpot before or after league play, we will gladly set it up if we have simulators available. And league members are also welcome to drop in during normal business hours – if we have a simulator available and you have your entry fee, we’ll fire up the contest free of charge. Non-league members are welcome to complete as well, but only as part of a simulator rental.

Here’s the not-so-fine-print…

1. Practice all you want, but you MUST PAY your entry fee BEFORE taking your shot and being eligible for the jackpot.

2. A Stonehedge Indoor representative must setup the contest hole, receive entry fee payment(s) and witness your shot(s) in order for your shot(s) to be eligible for the jackpot.

3. We will only accept cash for your entry fees. Sorry, no credit cards or checks will be accepted as contest entry fees.

Want to know the current jackpot amount? We will post current jackpot amounts weekly on our Facebook and website pages. We will also post the amount on signs throughout the indoor center. And you can always call the indoor center for the current jackpot total (802.779.9595)!

Come in and take a SHOT AT THE POT today!

Stonehedge Indoor Golf is excited to bring the FIRST virtual shooting range to Vermont!

Using replica firearms, advanced laser technology and our existing 18’ simulator screens, our four (4) virtual shooting simulators provide a safe, unintimidating and entertaining experience for everyone – whether you’re someone looking for something fun to do over the weekend, a gun enthusiast interested in honing their skills, or even law enforcement personnel looking for a more cost-effective means of training. Stonehedge’s new virtual target range has you covered!

Here’s a short list of the virtual shooting games Stonehedge offers:

  • Amusement-Based Shooting Galleries – Not a gun enthusiast? No worries… These shooting galleries are fun, competitive and like being in an arcade!
  • Game Hunting – White-Tail Deer, Wild Boar, Ducks, and more…
  • Practical Shooting Drills – 20 different shooting mazes that test decision-making and present shoot/don’t-shoot simulations to competitors.
  • Steel Challenge Competitions – Yes! The same 8 courses and target layouts from the Steel Challenge competitions held worldwide
  • Skills Drills – A variety of timed and/or scored drills that will help you improve reaction times, target recognition and moving target mechanic

Stonehedge Golf has been providing affordable, high-quality services to Rutland County golfers and FootGolfers for over 20 years and we are extremely pleased to bring indoor recreation fun to Rutland!

Contrary to our name, Stonehedge Indoor Golf isn’t just about golf. Everyone knows that they can escape to any one of our 38 world-famous golf courses, but did you know that we also have indoor miniature golf, a 22’ shuffleboard table, foosball and a private suite that can serve as a sophisticated, high-end company retreat or be transformed into a party lounge!

Here’s just a brief list of the events we’re ready and waiting to host in our 8,000 square foot, climate-controlled location:

Birthday/Graduation Parties

Holiday Parties

Corporate Outings

Bachelor/Bachelorette Parties

Class/Family Reunions


Sports Event Viewing Parties

Stop in, like us on Facebook at Stonehedge Indoor Golf and follow us on Twitter at @golfStonehedge.  We have a wide variety of beer and wine along with a great and growing menu!  We encourage our customers to book a reservation online in advance.

Stonehedge has got you covered!

Make a Reservation Now!