Golf Lessons

Golf is a highly individual game, our approach to lessons is based on getting to know you and your golf game.

We are proud to have Greg Nelson as our PGA instructor!   Greg is a 20 year member of the PGA.  He is also the professional at Rutland Country Club and has worked with hundreds of students over the years at all ages and levels to improve their game.

Greg Nelson Greg Nelson – My philosophy is to not teach a ‘one swing fits all’ golf swing, but take the swing the student has and improve and develop it with a focus on proper fundamentals, grip, posture, setup and alignment.

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Private Lessons & Private Series/Packages

  • Gather information about golfer and their goals and needs from lesson(s)
  • Focus on proper swing basics.
  • Use of video for understanding the proper motion needed and desired changes.
  • Learning the cause and effect. Why a golf ball does what it does and how to make the appropriate changes.
  • Lesson series/packages will incorporate practice goals and review video analysis to monitor improvement and development.
    Private Lesson Rates:
          $30 (half-hour)
          $50 (hour)
          $125 (3 hours)

Group Lessons & Series/Packages

  • Designed for the group that is looking for improvement in a less intimidating format.
  • More basic instruction not generally targeted to specific individual but general golfer.
  • Golfer will learn proper basics regarding set up, alignment, grip, & posture
  • Swing video for comparison and improvement review.
  • Develop goals for individual golfer and develop practice ideas
    Group Lessons Rates (Per Person):
          $35 (hour)
          $100 (3 hours)

Note: Rates assume use of one (1) simulator per group.  Additional rental rates apply if group opts to use multiple simulators

Learn to Golf/Get Golf Ready/Junior Programs – Coming Soon!

  • Designed to introduce new/beginner golfers to this great lifelong sport.
  • Programs will be offered as daily/weekly programs
  • Goals will be to build the individuals skills, confidence and knowledge to enable them to get on the course/simulators and play.
  • Programs will include learning golf etiquette, golf terms and difference in golf club

aG Flix

All lessons include our state of the art aG Flix system.  aG Flix is a video analysis software designed by aboutGolf, working with 2 cameras to film you and detail your swing. Capture videos of your swing, transfer them by email, and use the analysis tools to improve your skills.  The Frame-by-frame re-reading function allows you to efficiently dissect your swing; moreover, aG Flix provides drawing and annotation tools that further enrich the training and teaching strategies.

Call us, stop in or send us an email to set up your lessons and start improving your game!