General Questions

What is Indoor Golf?

Our Indoor golf simulators utilize 17′ high definition widescreens and realistic 3-D graphics to give the user a golf experience extremely close to the actual game of golf. The player stands on a platform, called a swing pad, in front of a high definition projector screen. The swing pad has fake grass and a tee to simulate real-world conditions. At the same time, the screen displays a high definition image of a golf course, complete with grass, skies, wind and wildlife to immerse the player. The player steps up, swings, and hits the ball, just as they would on a real golf course. Once the golfer starts their swing sensors track every element of the club and ball (speed, shot angle, distance, spin and trajectory) using high-speed, 3D cameras gather images of the ball and the club at up to 2300 frames per second. When the ball is hit, a virtual ball is projected on the screen and accurately shows the flight of the ball.

18th Hole at Old St. Andrews Golf Course

Above: A Comparison of the 18th Hole at Old St. Andrews Golf Course – one is an actual photo and the other is an aboutGolf simulation. Care to guess which is which? Here’s a hint… You can see the fairway/green mowing stripes in the aboutGolf simulation.

What is the best way to judge the short game and the putting?

The hardest part to get use to! When you play outside you are utilizing your senses. Unfortunately when you are inside you are utilizing the information the system is telling you, such as break, lie,distance and weather. The best thing you can do is when you are warming up on the driving range is leave your driver in your bag and hit your wedges, irons and putter. This will help you gauge your short game.

Does being in the sand or rough affect my shot in any way?

Yes, the sand and rough will play differently in the game, even though you are hitting from the fairway patch in the simulator. Keep an eye on the lower left hand corner of the screen. The image with the cross hairs and description below will tell you where your ball is actually sitting on the course.

What happens if my ball goes out of bounds or in the water?

The post shot screen will remain on until you select to either take a “drop” a “rehit or a “mulligan.” If you opt to take the drop the “Drop ball” screen will appear asking you to select your drop location. You will be able to move the ball anywhere except closer to the hole.

What happens if I am behind an “obstacle”?

On the bottom of the screen, if you hit “flyby” it will give you a dive-bomb view down to your ball. From there you can hit the “aim” button and change you direction.

How can I see where my ball is lying on the course?

The “flyby” button will give you a view of your ball location during play. On the tee the “flyby” will give you a full view of the hole from tee to green. For a detailed look at your ball location select “options” and then “view” from there you can look all around to see your position. When finished hit ”reset” to get back to your original view.

Where do you place the ball for fairway, rough, sand and putting?

-All shots, except for tee shots, will be placed within an 8”-10” area around the tee.
-Putts should be placed a bit forward of the tee and closer to you to allow for both cameras to clearly watch the shot.
-You do not have to aim for the ball on the bottom of the screen. If you have a straight putt hit the ball straight. Play breaks as you would outside.
-The ball on the bottom of the screen is there for your reference to help judge the breaks and distance.

Can you skip a player, add or delete a player?

Yes, go to “Options” and select skip, add or delete. If you skip a player that player will go to the back of the rotation. For adding and deleting a player feel free to reach out to our staff for some help.

How do I know who is up next and where they are hitting from?

After each shot the “post shot” screen will display in the upper right hand corner who is up next, their distance from the pin and
where they lie.

How can I make the best use of my time while playing in the simulators ?

You don’t want to feel rushed but understand that you are here by time and not by round. Be sure to select a course that fits your ability. As it’s always
fun to play Pebble Beach or St. Andrews remember you are playing the actual course with YOUR GAME. It’s NOT Tiger Woods on the Wii. Feel free to play any course we have, but just account for the necessary time needed if you want to play 9 or 18. Typically it should take 1 hour per person to play 18 holes.

Why can’t I use my own ball and what kind of ball am I hitting?

The 3Trak technology is watching everything the ball and club are doing. From compression, speed and trajectory the system is capturing all the essential information. To verify the spin the system is focusing on the marks and where they go. The Callaway Warbirds that you are hitting have been specially marked by Callaway to give the simulator the ability to provide an accurate reading of back, side and rifle spin of every shot. If you use your own golf ball the results will not be very accurate. Please do not try and use your own ball and add markings to it. This will only damage our screens by putting black mark on them. The marks on the official balls from Callaway are designed in a certain pattern and the black marks will NOT come off.

Callawy Golf Ball with About Golf markings

Callawy Golf Ball with About Golf markings

What happens if a shot doesn’t register?

There are a couple things you can try:
-Make sure there are no other balls within the tee box area
-Try a different 3Trak golf ball.
-Relocate the ball closer to the tee.
-Look at your location on the course, lower left will tell you your actual lie on the course, the lower right on the
screen will tell you the shot it is looking for. Make sure you are hitting the appropriate shot that the system would be looking for. If you want to
change your shot type tap on the “shot type” and select the shot you are hitting. i.e. If you are 15 yards from the pin hitting out of heavy rough
the system will be looking for a chip/pitch, not a full swing.

Do you have to hit the screen to make a shot register?

No you do not have to hit the screen. The cameras above and in back of your head are watching everything the club and ball are doing. The screenvis there to simply catch the ball and show you the image.

Will shots register if I hit the ceiling?

Yes, you are able to hit light flop shots as well have sky rocketing chip shots. The simulators allow you to replicate the same shots that you would want to hit outside.