Stonehedge Indoor is fully committed to keeping both our customers and employees safe as the country combats
COVID-19. We created the following protocols and cleaning procedures in 2020 and continue adhering to them
today to provide our guests with a safe, healthy, and entertaining environment during their visit.


  • All Stonehedge staff are required to complete VOSHA COVID-19 training.
  • All staff have their temperature taken and complete a health screening questionnaire daily upon
    arrival at the indoor center.
  • All staff members will practice social distancing, wash hands often and wear a mask while at the
    indoor center. All kitchen staff, including food servers and wait staff, will also wear gloves while
  • Any staff member (1) possessing symptoms associated with COVID-19 or (2) having come in
    contact with someone possessing symptoms associated with COVID-19 will be sent home and
    must be cleared by their primary care physician before returning to work.

Guests & Vendors:

  • While we accept walk-in customers (both bar/grill and simulator rentals) based on building
    occupancy levels, we encourage simulator rental guests to use our online reservation system
    ( to research available simulator times and book
    reservations in advance. You’re also welcome to call the indoor center directly and book over the
  • Stonehedge requires one member of each group to supply contract tracing information (i.e.,
    basically a contact person for the group) upon arrival at the indoor center. Guests and vendors
    can initiate this QR-based, online process from their cell phone or provide the information to a
    Stonehedge staff member for manual entry.

Cleaning & Building Alterations:

  • New signage will be posted at all Stonehedge entrances clearly indicating (1) the benefits of
    socially distancing from other guests while inside Stonehedge (6-feet), (4) the need for frequent
    handwashing, and (5) that no one may enter the venue if they have any COVID and/or respiratory
    illness symptoms.
  • All tables and seating will be positioned at least 6-feet apart for sufficient social distancing from
    other groups.
  • A cleaning window will be added to the end of each simulator reservation to provide Stonehedge
    staff with sufficient time to disinfect tables, seats, and shared equipment (i.e., touchscreens,
    computer mice, golf balls, tees, laser guns, etc.) using EPA-approved, VOC-free disinfectants
    and/or sanitizers.
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the building (e.g. entry/exit points, restrooms,
    simulator areas, bar, and point-of-sale area).

We ask that all visitors follow these guidelines to ensure the safety of Stonehedge guests and staff. Stonehedge
Indoor thanks you for your patience, support, and, most of all, YOUR BUSINESS!